Gaming with the Broscast

The Last of Us Season Finale

March 13, 2023 Harrison & Nick Episode 162
Gaming with the Broscast
The Last of Us Season Finale
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Welcome to the show everyone! This week we discuss the final episode of The last of Us Tv show and give our thoughts on the series as a whole. In gaming, We discuss, Metroid Fusion, Wo-Long, Halo, and the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw demo. In news, we discuss the Capcom Spotlight, Starfield release date, and more!

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The Last of Us Season finale
Halo Infinite
Metroid Fusion
Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil 4 demo
Capcom Spotlight
Starfield release date and direct
Xbox won't be on E3 showfloor but will co-stream
Suicide Squad possibly delayed
Zelda skipping Pax East