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Elden Ring finally has DLC

March 07, 2023 Harrison & Nick Episode 161
Gaming with the Broscast
Elden Ring finally has DLC
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Welcome to the show everyone! Harrison was a little under the weather this week so we apologize for coughing noises throughout. In gaming, we talk about Wo Long, Hi-Fi Rush, Halo season 3, and more. In news, we talk about the capcom spotlight announcement, Dragonball Z Budakai Tenkaichi 4 announced, and new Elden Ring DLC.

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Hi-Fi Rush
Metroid Prime Remastered
Halo Infinite Season 3
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Atomic Heart
Capcom Spotlight announced
Dragonball Z Budakai Tenkaichi 4 announced
Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC announced